Monday, December 20, 2010

Once again I am a winner.

Its seems all my blog posts have been about winning blog giveaways lately... That does mean there is winners to those things though, so I encourage you to all enter some.

This time it was a giveaway from kimmiekarmalove, a beauty blog, that always has giveaways as well. The prize was my choice of three orglasmix pigments, so I Chose the following three colors:

Since my wardrobe typically consists of balcks, greys, creams, etc, I chose a couple bright eyeshadow colors that will pop out. I also chose the white, because it's great for blending.

What are some of your favorite eyeshadow colors to wear?


  1. i love this pink colour! it*s great!
    i normally wear silver eyeshadow at the mo.

  2. I want to try your eyeshadow in the first picture, quite a shocking color. :) Normally, I like browns. :)