Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adding to my chirstmas list.

Thursday I was at the mall , and stopped in Sephora (as I always must do), and my breathe was taken away as soon as I saw this set. It took me a few minutes to even notice what makeup came with it, as I was so in awe of the packaging. Pastel pinks and blues, with glitter! The inside is a pop-up scene in this pastely, glittery woods, with not just any fairy's, but pin-up fairy's! Two of my favorites in one! but then I remembered the purpose. The makeup. No buying anything I wont use just because of the stunning packaging. so I was trying the eyeshadow and there all beautiful! I would wear just about all of them. However the only one I see on the shelf is the tester one, so I go and ask the clerk if they have more. "Sold out" Heartbreak. She was unsure weather or not they;d be getting more in since it is for the holidays and there already sold out, but it is also limited edition. It has been in my dreams ever sense...

You can by it here or at your local Sephora store.

It contains 15 eye shadows, with other goodies as well. If you buy it let me know how it is!

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  1. I saw that one on Sephora few days ago too!! It was beautiful!!

    Love Nana